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I got addicted to daylilies about 9 years ago. Starting with about 10 plants, it quickly grew to around 60. Before I knew it I was running out of space and had to look for a new home with a larger yard. I now have around 400+ varieties. I haven’t looked back since.

My Italian mom gave me a “garden” stone inscribed with the words “Benvenuti nel mio giardino” which means “Welcome to my garden”. It inspired me to call my garden “Benvenuti”! The daylilies always seem to welcome people to stop and admire and talk. I guess anyone can tell you that I am always willing to talk about them and talk about them .... and talk about them. They have become my passion.

I have never considered myself a serious hybridizer, but I do dabble now and then. I always anticipate with excitement getting to see them open for the first time. I’m like a child opening a Christmas present. I get up before daylight with flashlight in hand to see what has opened. Such a feeling to be the first to admire these new creations that I had a small part in. Oh, what my neighbors must think!

“Benvenuti nel mio giradino”