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The Gardens listed here are for the convenience of our members and visitors who may want to purchase daylilies for their collection.

Art Gallery Gardens

Ludlow Lambertson

Bayou Bend Daylilies

Josh and Nikki Jacques

Bell’s Daylily Garden

Tim & Linda Bell

Crainer’s Daylily Farm

Everett and Chris Crainer

Daylilies Etc.

Joe Goudeau

Daylilies of Kenefick

Ken & Katy Breeden

Daylily World

David Kirchoff & Mort Morss

Don Eller Daylilies

Don and Nancy Eller

Dragon Mead Daylilies

Randy and Cindy Fleming

East Texas Daylilies

Sandy Perkins and Doug Mckemie

Floyd Cove Nursery

Guy and Karen Pierce

Graceland Gardens

Larry and Cindy Grace

Guidry’s Daylily Gardens

Patrick and Diana Guidry

Hem Haven Daylily Nursery

John and Nancy Falck

Herrington Daylily Garden

Tim, Heather, and Hans Herrington

Jammin’s Daylily Garden

June Singletary

Johnson Daylily Garden

Jeff and Linda Johnson

Joiner Daylily Gardens

Jan and Royce Joiner

Lady Bug Daylilies

Dan Hansen

Le Petit Jardin

Greg and Marcela Goff

Marietta Gardens

John, Faye, Elizabeth Shooter

Nicoles Daylilies

Nicole DeVito

Paynes In The Grass

Leon & Paula Payne

Pete Harry Daylilies

Pete Harry

Roycroft Daylily Nursery

Bob Roycroft

Scott Elliott Daylilies

Scott Elliott

The Lily Farm

Mark Carpenter

Water Mill Gardens

Dan & Jane Trimmer

Wynn’s Daylily Garden

Gene and Mary Wynn