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Lone Star Daylily Bucks Program


The Lone Star Daylily Society Executive Board proposed an incentive program to the membership in 2005.  The Program was an effort to encourage members to participate in the activities of the Society.  The Program was adopted by vote of the membership and became effective October 1, 2005.  The Program is referred to as the Lone Star Daylily Bucks Program.

To encourage Society participation beyond active membership, the Lone Star Daylily Buck Program provides extra incentive.  Members may earn Daylily Bucks for, or by performing services in, the following Award Categories:

Award Categories and Bucks assigned:

1.  Serving as on Officer of the Society:

    President - 100 Bucks

    1st Vice President - 75 Bucks

    2nd Vice President - 75 Bucks

    Secretary - 75 Bucks

    Treasurer - 100 Bucks

2.  Serving as Flower Show Chairperson:

    Show Chairperson - 100 Bucks

    Show Co-Chairperson - 50 Bucks

    Flower Show Plant Sale Chairperson - 75 Bucks

3.  Serving as a Committee Chairperson - 25 Bucks

    (Society or Flower Show Committee)

4.  Making a Flower Show Entry - 10 Bucks

    (Limited to one (1) per Active Member per Award Period)

5.  Introducing a person who becomes a member of the Society - 10 Bucks

6.  Making a presentation or presenting a program for a Society Meeting or Activity - 25 Bucks

7.  Assisting the various Society and Flower Show Committees - 10 Bucks

8.  Participation in the Annual Flower Show Set Up - 10 Bucks

9.  Being an Active Member of the Society - 20 Bucks

    (Active Member is defined as:

    1.  Pays their Lone Star Daylily Society membership dues in a timely manner.

    2.  Attends six (6) of the Society’s monthly meetings during the Award Period.

    3.  Participates as a Host/Hostess for one (1) Society monthly meeting during the Award              Period.

10.  An other contribution recognized by the President as valuable to the Society - Varies

11.  Serving as Webmaster - 50 Bucks


The awarded amount of Daylily Bucks for each Award Category is established by the membership, or in some cases, the President of the Society, and may change from time to time.


Award Period:  Daylily Bucks are earned from August 1st to July 31st of the following year.  This period is designated as the Award Period.


Award Value:  The Executive Board will meet near the end of the Award Period and establish a real dollar value for the Daylily Bucks.  Since the funds of the Society will fluctuate from year to year, the value of the Daylily Bucks must be determined each Award Period.  The President of the Society or designate will present the Executive Board’s recommendaation to the membership.  Approval of the Daylily Buck’s value will be by vote of the membership for each Award Period.

Redemption:  At the end of the Award Period, accrued Daylily Bucks are tallied for each member.  Daylily Bucks are intended to be used to purchase Gift plant(s), usually in October of each year, or for other uses which the Society may deem appropriate.

As the Lone Star Daylily Society is a non-profit corporation and no part of the net earnings of the corporation shall inure to the benefits of any member, the members that purchase plants must agree to take particularly good care of their plants and return the increase to the society usually within (3) years.  The increase will be used to purchase plants for the society’s activities.

(For example:  If Daylily Bucks are determined to be equal to $0.50 each and you have accumulated 100 Daylily Bucks for the Award Period, your real dollar value award will be $50.00.  You may then select a $50.00 Gift Daylily PlantAny unused Daylily Bucks will be deleted by the program administrator on December 31 of the year awarded.